Spay & Neuter
It's no secret that in order to control the pet population we need more people on board with spaying and neutering their animals.

We also want you to know that the "purebred" you just bought off the online garage sale or similar sites is probably not a purebred!

Purebreds are found by licensed breeders who have a commitment to keeping breeding lines clean and trust us when we tell you - you are not finding true purebred animals on an online garage sale or kijiji and they do not cost you $200 and up.   You more thank likely are getting a mix breed dog - no different than what you will find at a rescue or your local humane society.

Mutts make great dogs because we believe they take the best traits from each breed within themselves to make one heck of an animal!!!  Mutts often do not have as many health issues as purebreds.

We are not against purebred animals and licensed breeders who take their job very seriously in order to protect a clean line.  We are against the people that sell animals recklessly on online garage sale sites and kijiji in order to support their lifestyle.  They are just doing it to make money and more often than not, the animals are taken away from their moms too early and thus miss out on important immune boosters from mom breastfeeding as well as her being able to teach them life lessons at a very young age.

Please consider adopting from a rescue or a shelter!