Yogi died very peacefully Sunday, September 14, 2014, at his home with his loved ones holding him tight one last time.  
Missy is a Dachshund and as you may know this breed often injures their back because their spine is so long.  That is what happened to Missy before she came into GAAR.  Suspected to be an injury after jumping from the couch, Missy suffered damage to her back end and was unable to walk on all four legs.  She often dragged her butt behind her and wore a diaper as she was kennel rested by her family.

After extensive research we contacted the Lakewood Animal Hospital in Regina.  Partnering up with a rescue there - we found someone that was willing to foster Missy while she stayed in Regina and received rehabilitation treatment including underwater treadmill exercises, laser therapy and physical therapy.  She had a very dedicated team of volunteers in Regina that helped with taking her to appointments as well as her physical therapy regimen at home.

Although Missy still has trouble controlling her bladder and bowel - she is running - yes she is running - painfree with the other dogs!  No more diaper here - she just free wheels it all over and if she makes a little mess - it's no big thing as foster mom, Carmen, is always there with papertowel and a mop!  We found that the diaper constricted her ability to move her legs properly so we tossed them!

Missy enjoys her winter on her bed by the fireplace and the spring and summer in the greenhouse - getting lots of TLC from Grandma!

Missy will permanently stay with Carmen and Shayne!