When you adopt a dog from Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, we strive to find you the right fit for your family!
We never adopt as a means of making room in our foster homes we will wait for as long as it takes to find the right home.

At Guardian Angel Animal Rescue we are pleased to offer trial period.  A trial period allows you to take an animal home for a week or two and gives you the opportunity to really spend time with the animal to make sure it is a perfect fit for your family and lifestyle.  We started this program in 2014 and have found it to be very successful in placing animals into the right home.  It gives an individual, couple or family a chance to really get to know the animal and experience the responsibility involved with owning a pet.

Sometimes in the rescue business you come across animals that become permanent fosters.  These are dogs that due to either health or behavioral problems may not be a good fit for a regular family.   Then they become part of GAAR's Fabulous Forever Fosters!

We love these guys till the end and if that means they stay with us until that time -- that is just fine with us!  
Below you will see 5 animals that are part of this wonderful group!   Click on their pictures to get their full story!
When Baxter was born it appeared he was just like his siblings.  As he got older we found out just how special this little guy was!
Read about Baxter and watch his videos - is he dog or deer!
Wakka   aka  Walter Brimley
If this old guy could talk - the stories he could tell. Wakka spent most of his life with his buddy George.  The two of them travelled all over Canada and the United States!  Unfortunately George had to go on his own journey alone and passed away February, 2015.
Read about Wakka and what he's been up to since.
When Missy first came into the rescue we had no idea what we were in for!   Missy had very limited use of her back legs and often ran with her front legs dragging her butt behind her - but boy could she take corners - she was a master drifter!
Read about her rehabilitation and how she is doing now!
This older gentlemen is Champ - wait a minute - don't call him older - he doesn't know he is!
Champ still has alot of ball chasing in his future but occasionally when he over does it that darn old arthritis kicks in!
Read about how Champ learned to turn on the heated blanket himself!
A young dog caught in an old dog's body.  His mind wants to go go go but his leg is telling him otherwise.  Mikey is a little character that literally screams with delight!   
Read about Mikey and follow his journey to a diagnosis!