Our ongoing 
bottle drive
15 Garry Place, Yorkton
What Can I donate?
Some examples:
Dog/ Puppy Food
Cat/ Kitten Food
Cat Treats
Dog Treats
Kitty Litter
Food/Water Dishes
Toys for Cat, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies
Collars & Leashes
Monetary Donation
Canadian Tire Money
Pet Beds ----->>>SEE KURANDA BEDS
Gift Cards
Empty Bottles

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue is a registered charity with Revenue Canada and therefore can provide tax receipts for donations over $10.00.
If your donation is supplies, please provide your purchase receipt and we can provide you with a tax receipt in that amount!
A donation box has been set up at 
Big Zee's Pizza
366 Broadway Street West
Kuranda Beds are made of washable material which make them ideal for rescue animals.  This allows the animal to be raised off the floor and is great for older pets!  Please consider buying one today!
For more info: